This is a course that lasts only for the spring term, when the campus is shut down.

Use the last fifteen minutes of class to write a pitch for an essay on "Pen and Notebook." Your proposal should have a clearly identified topic, a thesis statement, at least two pieces of evidence from the short story to support your thesis, and an answer to the so what question (why your topic and thesis matter). Your proposal should be 1-2 paragraphs in length and should be submitted by the time class ends. 

Ninth graders at King's Academy step on campus and join an inquisitive, dynamic and formative literary community. They lay the foundation for their exploration of English literature by grappling with texts from a range of literary traditions. They not only analyze narrative, verse and drama, but also challenge the text – and in the process, challenge the world around them. They become readers and writers with greater confidence, expression and stamina. Students review the fundamentals of English grammar and syntax, expand their vocabularies and work to build a tool box for reading and writing mastery.

11th-12th grade Creative Writing Portfolio Elective