This course serves as a gateway to scientific discovery in the field of psychology. Youwill be equipped to debunk psychological myths, wade through the nature vs. nurture debate, and explain how World War II contributed to the field of human experimentation. You will learn about how you learn, how your brain can help or hinder your learning, and what atypical development actually means. We will also discuss how parents, peers, and the extended society contributes to building character. By the end of this course, you will be able to establish connections between psychology and every area of your life.

AP Economics Combined is a full-year course that combines the study of both Micro and Macro economics. 

AP Microeconomics is a study of economic principles concerning individual decision makers within an economy. The main areas of concentration include basic economic concepts; the nature and functions of product markets; factor markets; and, efficiency, equity, and the role of government. AP Macroeconomics emphasizes economic principles as applied to the economy as a whole. Lessons include an analysis of national income and its components, economic indicators, inflation and unemployment, money and banking, stabilization policies, and the United States’ role in world trade. 

This is a year-long Advanced Placement course offering an Introduction to Psychology

Dear Ninth Graders,

Welcome to Ninth Grade Ancient World History at King's Academy! Over the course of just one year in the early third millennium CE, you will visit the formative eras of major world civilizations and master a set of skills that will enable you to think, read, write, speak, debate, and collaborate as young historians.

Please visit me during O-Blocks in Room 223 for extra, individual help. 

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